Thursday, July 07, 2005

"I don't' like these people, they scare me."

Nursing homes, I used to think that they were useless. Just a place to put old people that we do not want. I had a change of heart awhile ago but today it was reinforced. We took our camp kids there today and I was very pleasantly surprised. All the kids that are normally quite were talking to the residents there and the children that are normally being yelled at or having pool time taken away were terrified. No'torious (yes that's his real name) came up to me after asking two older gentlemen their ages and said. "I don't like this, they scare me, especially that one!" pointing to a man with no leg and who had lost his ability to talk correctly. No'torious was also afraid of going to the bathroom and made me check for old men and he thought an old man would come out of the toilet to get him if he flushed it. I owe a lot to nursing homes everywhere.


Joel said...

lol....nate your a man after my own heart with a post like that. Way to do go eskimo.

side note: I might have to work in a nursing home drawing blood

looy said...

see....i'm not the only one scared of old people