Friday, September 30, 2005

The Promise Land and Nancy's

It's that time of the year again. The time when the wind blows down from the north and the people in the south wear their hoodies all day. I have been waiting for this cold front for about three weeks now, and it has finally arrived. Get your iPods charged because we are going to the Promise Land! That's right, today the Buick takes that grand trip to OHIO! After this post, it's time to shower, pack, gas up the car, then one more class, lunch and then...123 north, to 25 north to 26 north, to 40 west, to 75 north and then 71 North to Glory! A sad note to this trip, Thomas is not able to make it. He has soccer all week. However, our "cousin" G-8, is going up with me. Marcus George from PA, who will start the new chapter of G-Force in PA. Should be a good trip.

This fall break promise to be a good one for a few reasons. The biggest is that God is going to show up! In a big way. I am having some pacemaker work done Monday morning and the rest of the time is going to be chill time. The reason I know that God is going to show up is b/c he always does. God's never failed me yet so it wouldn't make sense for him to now. People here on campus are already praying for me and I know that the number of prayers will only increase as 6:30 Monday morning grows closer.

Also on the Fall Break agenda, the last home game for the Crew. A semi G-force party, the Secret Room. Gallery Hop, Cup Of Joes, and B&E's new place! Also a Hanks party, and I can't wait to see Thadd play for his new school. Have a great week, eat at only Local restaurants this week. Here I come Nancy's

On the way to Glory! OH--IO


looy said...

i'm going to miss you :(
have fun, i know you will. i love you nathan.

aleithia said...

praying for you of course!!!!

Jon Dodrill said...

Nate, first of all, Crew sucks. Second, good luck Monday, we'll be praying for you here in liberal PTS. Third, I did eat at a local joint tonight! And it was awesome! I'll take you there when you come visit Ivyland. take care man!

aleithias mind said...

i updated!!!! check it out