Friday, October 28, 2005

The lights, the sights,

The rush of beating the traffic at 4:45 on Friday afternoon, trying to decide if 4th street is the best way to 670 W or should you just take main st. to 70 W. Watching the messengers return to their HQ's where they pick up that last package of the day, you can't turn the radio dial quick enough to find the latest traffic report. After sitting through two lights that you could have made it through if the guy in front of you would have moved up about a foot, you decide to turn on some tunes. A new sweet song on Public Radio starts to play. Its pretty much just a loop that some wierd college kid made in his dorm room a few months ago, but its perfect for the commute to your apartment on the other side of town.

Lyle and I are going to go buy a map and throw darts to see where we are gonna live after school. We still have few years before we move, but that will just give us plenty of time to research the city and maybe visit.

What city would you love to live in for at least 3 months?

Visit an old restaurants with a great friend this weekend.



Jo said...

toronto. and minneapolis. and seattle. and vancouver. (all northern cities)

Anonymous said...

sydney, amsterdam, boston, or charlotte. the bbq in chicago sucks.

Brett said...

Lyon, France. NYC (of course!). Boston. Milan, Italy.