Monday, October 31, 2005

The Promise Land

I have come to the realization that I am an ambassador for the city of Columbus. I will be taking a weekend trip to the Promise land this weekend and I am taking Lyle. I have told him to bring extra pairs of underwear because he is going to soil his pants when he sees the beautiful city lights! I have plenty of places that I want to show him but for you Central Ohio people, it would be cool if we found something new. So if you have any new restaurants that are cool shot them names my way!

Plus there are two new photos on my Flickr page with hopefully more coming within the next few days.

On our lazy Sunday afternoon here at SWU, we were trying to figure out what we would do with our free evening. Thomas piped up and suggested that we buy some people food in downtown Greenville. After going on a wild goose chase to find a MacDonalds, we purchased 11 Double Cheeseburgers. 6 to hand out to people and the rest for Thomas & Lyle's dinner. We drove downtown scouting it out, then parked and walked. We found 5 people and gave have burgers out. One guy asked if was wanted some prozack (sp). Pretty cheap at a dollar a pill. We asked another guy what he felt the best way to minister to him. He seemed to just agree with what we thought but did favor having something tangible given to him, i.e. food, blankets and things of that nature. There is a group of people from some church or something that just stands out and hands tracks. They are kind of pushing and personally I don't like them. They ticked me off last semester by accusing me of not being a Christian based on me not knowing the exact date of my salvation. Anyway, Vince seemed to favor tangible relationship things. Street ministry for some reason just really isn't my "cup of tea" as Thomas politely put it. I rather be in a growing relationship where I am able to model Christ's love on a daily bases. But after hearing the same question from our Cheeseburger eating friends, "what church are you from?" I was once again reminded that this is where the rubber meets the road. This ministry of feeding the hungry is equally important as building one on one relationships.

Don't be afraid to be streached and love people this week


Joel said...

reminds me of our toronto hooker days. sounds like fun.

Jon Dodrill said...

No datable conversion! well that's just not fundamental. I think pastors' sons are exempt from such questions, most of us have a couple dozen conversion points right? Good going on the street ministry, it's a stretch. And I miss Ohio like you wouldn't believe! 3 years, I'm back there man.