Saturday, November 12, 2005


The sound of the highway, the bark of a dog, the sun in my eyes the cool breeze, those are the thing I'm feeling right now as I sit in my cousin's apartment over looking other apartments. What a great place to be! I am in Charlotte for the weekend and so far it has been great. Last night we ate at some New York style pizza place and then off to the "Wine Up". Some lounge/bar thing. It was very clean and almost like an upscale place. The seemed to focus more on wine than just beer so I felt more sophisticated. We walked in just missing the no cove time. They were going to have a jazz band play so we had to play the 5 bucks. After Kayla and I won our pool game, J took me to see their hopefully new place. Then it was back to the Wine Up and the music was pounding.

Sitting there with J watching and listening to men make something out of almost nothing, feeling like the Cosby's when they would go to jazz clubs made me appreciate family even more. The band played one song where of course they just took turns making things up. At one point the drummer hesitated to take the spotlight. But with a stern finger from the leader he went into the light. We have been talking about creation in my theology class and how we can see God in it. Jazz and most music has to be one of the closet pictures we have that resembles what God did on the first six days of time. Creating something out of nothing. Until you experience jazz for your self it might not making any sense. God is kind of like that. (That idea is totally stolen from Don Miller, I didn't mean to.) Anyway I brought the camera so hopefully we'll get some good shots. As I was driving up 85, I told my self I was on the way to a shoot. Look for those by Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend


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