Thursday, November 10, 2005

Life without Doritos

The sound is deafening, I can barely hear my self think. The wooded walk leads me deeper into the unknown. I wonder when I'll hear again and where I will be when that happens. The water has resided, the creatures are gathering as they prepare for the winter months that are fast upon us. Acorns fall like hail stones, and one is wise to take cover when a breeze blows. The leaves are falling at an alarming rate, like a brown and yellow and orange snow storm. Perhaps it's a precursor to what is to come next.

Travel is on the mind, and the destination is a toss up. East Cost or Mid West? New England or Arizona? The wooden path is still going and my mind is still trying to hear it's self and come to some conclusion of a destination. The sound of a muted trumpet pierces the ear, finally a sound. It sings of a dark rain night in the city. Not the tone or mood I was hoping I would feel. As the music drowns out the crushing leaves I finally hear what my thoughts have been up to today. A.D.I.D.A.S. All day my thought have ranged from surfing, soccer, sex, serving, sport and salvation (in no particular order).

The night is slowing coming to a close, but not for all of us. Some will continue to wrestle with their own A.D.I.D.A.S. and some will simply close their eyes and let the pain be still for another night. Others will close their eyes remembering the promise that sorrows only last for a night and joy comes in the morning. Others will lay in their bed and wonder why they didn't take the trash out and will try to ignore the smell all night, and others will lay watching the stray lady bugs dance on their ceiling light.

As for me, I don't want to be laying in bed and try to ignore the smell, so I am going to take the trash out.
The Pacers beat the Heat, and Cleveland won their game.


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aleithias mind said...

lovely :)......ADIDAS? maybe im lame, but is it really an acronym? i was unaware if it is :)