Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Break: Part One

Mom's voice telling Thadd that his school was delayed two hours is a nice sound, it means that there is a lot of snow on the ground. We woke up to a lot of the stuff today in Columbus. What a nice break this is turning out to be. Yesterday was the best day of break so far. On Tuesday night dad told Thom and I that he was going to speak in chapel at Cypress Christian and he asked us to help him. He broke it up into three parts. Thom spoke on Christ's humility and I spoke of how Christ helped people, like going out of his way to befriend the friendless and the out casts. I used part of my previous posts about going out of my way, or how I didn't. Dad spoke on Christ's holiness. It was a pretty cool time, sharing what God is doing in my life with JR High kids.

After chapel Dad took us to Mel's Diner, where life was talked about and laughter was heard. We then went to visit some friends that we were close to and headed home. I then met up with Joel (see link to his blog on the side) for some Chipotle downtown. We came back to the house and chilled and then saw KING KONG. Pretty good movie and good friends were there.

This Christmas break has been good and it will only keep getting better. Make some memories this weekend.


Joel said...

Thanks for the good times nate. Man were you trashed!


Joel said...

i'm kidding people, do you actually think nathan would drink.

nate said...

I showed that to mom and she didn't laugh like i thought she would. See you sometime man