Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas Break: Part Two

The artic low has followed it's course and once again frozen the snow that came before it. The frozen snow has it's addvantages, it stays longer and looks really pretty. But when you go to a cemetery, it is pretty annoying. I went to the cemetery this morning and drove to where I thought the grave site was, and looked out across a white sea with tomb stones popping up every now and then. At this particular cemetery, most people have small placks, they take up less space and I assume are cheaper. So the grave I was searching for was under the covering of the snow. So I stood in the area where I thought the plack was. That's another thing, I could have been walking on several graves, kind of weird. I talked to Stephen for a little bit and thanked him for showing me how to love my brothers. He took such amazing and loving care of his and I hope that God gives me that ability. It was getting pretty and I didn't know what to say or even where his grave was so I got back into my car and drove home.

Thinking now about the snow covered graves, it reminds me of God's grace. What a beautiful thing, and yet sometimes we miss it. Seeing something in our lives and only seeing it's immenseness or only feeling it's immediate effects. God's grace is so big and I think we often limit it. We think that God can only put up with so much of us before the lighting bolts come flying down. A freshman asked me last week if a person kills themself will they go to heaven. I looked deep into his searching eyes and saw my self thinking that same thing back on a horrible day in May. I told him that God's grace is big enough, even to cover a such a sin as that. We don't know need to walk on egg shells thinking that we are just one step away from hell's gates. It's a life style and a choice to sin against God. I suppose we work our way one way or another. Toward a life of light or toward a life of darkness.

The white covered cemetery is like God's snow white grace that covers us. "Be encouraged" by that today. It takes more than death to separate us from God's love.

Ask me what I think about transitions (ask now, out loud). I hate them and I can't make them work. I found a compilation of Norah Jones and Peter Malick called "The Chill Album". Check it out on iTunes. Its pretty smooth. Remember God's grace and extend some to someone today.


aleithias mind said...

no.....never great at transitions.

you guys are in my prayers...i know its kinda tough this time of year.....

merry Christmas.....tell ur fam i said so :)

Martin LaBar said...

Well, maybe the transitions will come. Or you could do another post.