Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Break: Part Three

The weather is cold and shopping at Easton is probably one of the dumbest things to do, but I have done it twice. On Monday it was about 14 degrees. They say what happens is that the snow freezes and then the sun's rays hit the snow and bounce back into space. Ergo, nothing warms up. I have all of my shopping done as of Wednesday, most of it wrapped. This week has had a few good conversations about life and careers. My obstacle in the arena of career choices is how do you merge two loves, that on the surface don't have much to do with each other. Photography and being a pastor (whatever that really means). In one of the conversations, I was told just do what makes me happy (which only makes sense when you are in a growing relationship with God, because otherwise what makes you happy might not be what makes God happy)

The List:

City Life
College Aged People and or Young Urban professionals

I guess to have a church in an urban area where local artist could display their work and use the works for sermon illustrations. Or something like that. I took a picture the other day and thought might as well start now.

(time has passed)

I'm back and after thinking about the above, I realized something. I'm taking an inductive bible study of genesis next semester along with botany, I'll be learning about who made plants and how they were made. And with this week's pictures being taken of flowers it is all very fitting. Hopefully they'll be on my blog (scroll down at the right). How cool is it that what our eyes can see, God made. And what our ears can hear God created. Anyway, this post is pretty scattered, so just think about the beauty that God has created and enjoy it.

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