Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Well I have a few more exams this week and then its off the to Promise Land on Thursday. Being exam week there have been hours studding and trying to find the best study music. My choice this year has mostly been Sufjan Stevens' Christmas music. I heard of this guy awhile ago but didn't check him out, but the other day I read something on Relevant Magazine's web site. So I checked him out and I'm hooked. I have also been listening to The Postal Service. I love that album.

Anyway Exams are tough, my Greek one is/was the worst! ( I am also watching my first episode of The Office as I type this, what a funny show) I don't know what I'm doing in that class, I hate it. But as the week has been fine, I'm ready to go home for a while, a long while.

In regards to the last line of my latest blog entry "more on this later" here it is. After my post something happened with a girl. I guess she got in trouble with the Law and stuff, I don't really know the details, they don't really matter. I remember seeing this girl once and thinking that I should say hey to her and just try to build a bridge. This girl is kind of . . There is just something about her. Her style, it's artsy, and unknown. She's foreign and so that is cool, its always neat to get to know a person from another country. But she seemed distant. Almost like she would be hard to get to know.
Anyway the point is that I didn't do anything. I should have just said hey one time or something but I never did. Not really for any reason but just didn't get around to it. It turns out she got in trouble, pretty big trouble.

The "what If" is that what if I would have looked passed the "different" thing about her and just say hey and she if a friendship could be built. Who knows what would have come of her. Would she be in trouble if she had surrounded her self with different friends. I'm not some great guy or able to lead people from their "sins" or prevent them from happening. But you never know, what if my "your different" attitude had been done away with, and I actually tried to live the way Christ asked me to. Luke 5:12-13 check it out and try to apply it, maybe that is the toughest exam.

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