Sunday, December 04, 2005


Noodles, Rent, and bros, how much better does it get. Tonight we joined AJ and some friends and went to see RENT. I had seen it when it was on tour through Columbus, so I knew what it was about. I tried to tell the other guys but I didn't do such a good job. The whole way home was full of making fun of the movie and hearing how upset they were with themselves for seeing that movie. I didn't know if I should agree or protest. I liked the movie, but whatever.
We hiked it back to town and stopped at Wal-Mart for some food. We got noodles and tuna and popcorn and pop-tarts. I pulled out my 71 cents to pay for the tuna and remembered the movie that we had seen. I made reference to feeling like I was in it and Thom told me to never put him, with me in the same sentence with that movie. Thomas also reminded me that I go to College, I don't pay for food. But what if I had to? What if I didn't have money to buy food, and had to save my change for food.

As far as a review, I don't want to waste time trying to analyze every scene or giving my opinion. I did want mention one part. It's one of the first scene where an old friend named Collins comes back to the apartment. On his way to the front door, he gets jumped and beaten up. He's laying there bleeding and this drag queen named Angel comes and finds him. Angel takes Collins in and bandages his wounds and returns him to his apartment. Remember this is very early in the movie so you don't know of the relationship that would develop. Lyle leaned over and said that this reminded him of the Good Samaritn.

You have this outcast, a gay guy with aids that is helping what looks to be a well to do guy. In our world, for the most part it seems when people are different we wouldn't want help, or befriend them for different reasons. No mater how bad things get. What would Jesus think of us, or worst yet, what does he think of his children when we turn a cold shoulder to people who are crying out. They might put up a front at first and say they don't need help, or love. But we all need help and Love and a love that doesn't give up or isn't afraid.

More thoughts on this later.


aleithias mind said...

i want to see the movie....but my view will be slightly tainted now:)

it is a rarity today to find a love that is persistant and couragious.....maybe it is just difficult to find genuine love

Russell Purvis said...

Dude, you brought up the part of the movie that I can't even stop thinking about. Reminds me of the Good Samaritan Story. It's amazing you don't see a Christian helping the poor man. Although I like the movie, I don't condone it. However, although I don't condone the movie, there is a water spring of truth that comes from that scene that us who are The Way should take to heart.

nate said...

Good grief, Russell, I totaly ment the Good Samaritan! Ha, thanks for saying that, I would have left it. wow, I feel dumb.