Monday, January 16, 2006

Tell the World

There are some things that happen in life that merit telling the world. The Love of Jesus is really the only thing, but sometimes telling about things he has created or allowed us to create are note worthy too. For instance today I purchased Soulive's newest record "Break Out" on iTunes. It is amazing. I have listened to them on and off through their website for a few years and kind of thought if I ever had free money I would buy it. What a fool I have been. I have missed out on so much, don't waste your time in getting this latest record.

Also on a more real and eternal note, a relationship with the creator of music and life is unreal and amazing all at the same time. To think that God wants to know us. In the NRSV translation, when people have sex in the context of marriage, they say they "knew each other". What an idea, to know everything about a person and be able to love them and give of your self. That is what God desires with us. A completely free communion with Him. Where Love abounds and is given to each other, to God and from God and then extended to others. I heard a guy say the other day that loving God was easy, it's the loving your neighbor part that is hard. I thought, thats dumb, its note easy. If you don't love God how are you going to love your neighbor at all and if you don't love your neighbor how are you going to love God? And if loving God was easy, why wouldn't everyone do it? It is hard but worth more than you can imagine.

I end by encouraging you to ask God to show himself to you, to mess up your set of standards and let him engulf you with his immeasurable love. Check out Soulive and let God give your soul real life.


Dustin Wilson said...

I am going to have to say that loving God is easy. Now serving God isn't easy. I can love God easy because of everything he has done for me and even if he doesn't do anything for me "All I have to do is just look around at what he has created." It is easy to love him I think. I think now the really hard part is to serve him and be a CHRISTIAN. But it shouldn't be easy.

nate said...

Pants! Stoked that you comminted. When I think of loving God, I think of it as equalling obeying him, and thats the hard part. Thanks for the post!