Tuesday, February 21, 2006

For Sale

Well it's almost spring break and that means halfway done, that also means summer internships! I'm just beginning my search. It's not stressing me out yet, but I can see it's great potential to do so. I feel like I have to sell my self, do a big marketing campaign or something. Like in the newspaper:

Nathan is 23 year old male, looking for summer a internship at a thriving church. One in the city would be ideal. Nathan enjoys taking pictures and using his Mac for all his work. Nathan has a passion to serve Jesus in any capacity he can but feels called to college ministry. Nathan is a Student Chaplin at Southern Wesleyan University. Nathan is also on SGA and serves on the Food Committee. Nathan enjoys building deep meaningful relationships, whenever he can and sharing the love of Jesus in tangable ways. Before coming to SWU Nathan interned at Grace Community in Maryborough Australia for 10 months. Nathan is really cool and wants a cool job!

Well there ya go, we'll see what happens. On a brighter note, tonight we are bringing back "Guy Night"! We had to schedule a time when we could all get together and talk about the Joy and Pain of Life and Everything Inbetween. This weeks play list is whatever is on the network at the time. The Police and Radiohead have been some favorites. Also Raul Midon.
Have a good week. And if you know any city church looking for an intern pass my name on!



Dustin Wilson said...

Guy night is back oh yea!!!

Cap'n said...

Nice sales pitch - I'd at least give you an interview.