Thursday, February 23, 2006


So the White House is talking about giving contracts to the U.A.E., United Arab Emirates. What are your thoughts, do you think this is smart? Bush said something to the affect that what's the difference between giving this contract to Britain or The U.A.E. who are both our allies in the War on Terror? Is it just because they are Middle Eastern? Or is the more to it? Just want to hear your thoughts. I had a class once at C-State with a guy from the U.A.E., he was really cool. He name was Sod, he was a friend of G-Force.

In wake of this and an article in the USA Today, yesterday, I had a thought of how bad and crazy the world is getting, or has gotten. But if I recall there are times in life when things are just bad. There are always people dyeing from war, aids, poverty or just poor choices. The world is not a safe place, it's scary and can be very dark at times. Last night as I was thinking about all the horror in the world and thinking what difference does it make. (slight reference to What About Bob). A song came on my brother's iTunes playlist. "A Friend" by The Winans. The song is just talking about how Jesus wants to be our friend. Y'know when your with your best friends, and it seems nothing else matters. You can do anything when you know that those people are behind you, encouraging you and will love you when you make dumb choices. Well Jesus is like that but better, because no matter how good our friends are, they are human and will let you down, not on purpose but it will happen. But Jesus, He doesn't let us down. He is always there going to bat for us, helping us swing that bat and caring us when we can't go on.

Crap is going to happen in this world, it has been going on for all of history. People where scared in the 80's with the USSR and people where happy in the 90's and then they were scared again with the Dot Com bubble pop (Late 90's early 00's ?). It's no different now, but the one thing that has not changed is God's love for his creation, his prized creation, us! He wont abandon us. No matter what dome and glume CNN or Fox or NPR or The BBC have to say, God knows what is going on and he offers hope to a dyeing world. We are gonna make it, he wont forget us. Keep on loving and sharing. Like Kevin says in Home Alone "This is it, don't get scared now". This is life, there is no need to be afraid. Jesus, the person who died for you, and loves you no matter what is on your team or wants to be.
Be Encouraged.

Oh and how about the people that won Powerball! They all sould like under dogs! Way to go!

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