Thursday, March 02, 2006

"It sells soap"

"There's no such thing as fashion. It's a joke; it’s an attempt to redeem yourself of what you really want. What you really want is other people to say your valuable, your valid and it's never going to please you, cause you were created to connect with God who has the big voice. That’s essentially the message of the Gospel and I think that’s what we have to communicate. If obeying God makes us look like rebels, which is a fashionable thing, then so be it. And if it makes us look like geeks then so be it. The point is we obey God."

Every Tuesday night there is a group of guys that go to Huddle House at 12:00. It's not always the same group, but at least one guy always goes. I don't know how long it has been going on but it's got to be at least four and half years! I really don't know how long it's been going on. Sometimes the conversations are good sometimes they aren't. Tuesday was one of my favorite times going. I was in an out going mood and just kept talking about my dreams, about cities, about the word comparison I had just done on "know" vs. "in to" regarding sex in Gen. 3 and Gen. 16 (which was really cool)
Then some how we got on to fashion. Remember "Painter" and "Carpenter" pants and jeans? Who said it would be cool to wear that, like away from a job site? Or the ripped jeans? I said one day some guy was just wearing his clothes and didn't care about what people thought. A "fashion" guy saw his confidence and decided to try and market it buy selling jeans with holes in them to mimic the guys confidence. I apologized to the guys I was with, because Abercrombie and Express are both from Columbus. They seem to be the leaders for white collared America.

So the quote above. I subscribed to Relevant Magazine's podcast the other day because they had a two-part interview with Don Miller. I've been a Don Miller fan for sometime now and he has some really good stuff to say in the interview. He doesn't sound like he looks. Y'know what I mean. When I read a book I try to read it in another voice, and sound what I think the writer would sound like. He's voice is way cooler than I had him in my head. Sorry Mr. Miller. I'm listening to him read the first chapter of his new book right now, "To Own A Dragon".

The quote is from the interview. Miller is kind of all over the place, talking about the landscape of Christianity right now and admitting that he doesn't know what "Post-Modern" really means. That was a relief; I had been trying to conceal my own ignorance on the subject. But we were talking about fashion on Tuesday night and I thought that quote hit the nail on the head. It's not about being "cool" it's about obeying God. If that at the time is cool, then fine and if it's not than that’s fine too. Just obey God.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend. Step out of your circle.
Miller, in the interview says, "It sells soap". I thought that was pretty funny.

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