Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Do leaders sneak candy into hocky games?

March 7th was a good day. Had a good doctor's appointment that went well. Found out that my cardiologist is Presbyterian. That's kind of cool to know. It seems like when you find out your doctor is a Christian, you don't really care if he's a Five Pointer or not. We left and had lunch at Mohawk's down in German Village. Then we started to talk about life, girls, Don Miller, and leadership roles in the church. What is a leadership role in the church and what criteria should there be for a person to hold that leadership position? I felt like I was in Christian Worship class again. Remember when Luke Stevens would say something because we had all lost the point of our discussions?

But what is a leader in a church? Give me some feed back. Does an usher have leadership roles? What about greeters? What about drummers? Is it really necessary to have a set standard for each role, or should it all be under one blanket of standard?What if someone said they wont drink but they sleep with their girl friend? Having covenant members that don't drink is great, but why isn't promiscuity stressed nearly as much? I know that becoming Holy is a processes and it's learning to give every area of your life fully to Christ as He reveals those areas. But as the future leaders of our church, how should we be looking at holiness for our lay leaders?

In other news, saw "Walk The Line" on monday. Someone wandered if the dad dies in this movie? It's amazing to think what could have been different in Cash's life if his father would have loved him. (Based on the movie). When it was over Thadd, said well we'll see him again. I hope he's right. Went to the Blue Jackets game as a family last night. That was a blast! We took candy in, I was so afriad of getting caught. I'm such a fikle person. Should whether or not sneaking candy into movies and entertainment be a requirement for leadership? Have a good one and comment, just so I can know if this is worth keeping up.


Cap'n said...

I'd say a "leader" is anyone who takes iniative and isn't afraid to get involved. A leader is all about action. Secondly, it's the theatres and sporting events faults that people must resort to sneaking in food. If they wouldn't set the prices so dang high more people could afford it. Heck, I'd sneak in a steak if I thought I could get away with it. Keep 'em comin'.

Dustin Wilson said...

Great blog man. I think that holiness is definitly for ordinary people. I see that you have been reading some Keith Drury.
About the candy. You are all going to hell. I can't believe you. Just kidding. I don't really see it as a big deal. The only reason they do that is that they want us to spend our whole life savings on popcorn. But then again is cheating on a test so you can get a better grade the same as this. Who Knows? I don't know. I just like to get into heated discussions. Just something to chew on. I repeat myself Great Blog Man. Don't stop blogging.

Joel said...

Yes we read it every night because we have nothing better to do online.....its the same reason people read mine or any keep on blogging and we'll keep on reading. Good to see you guys again the other night. And Nat can justify anything so you really can't listen to him. He would steal from his blind grandma if he thought he could justify it!

nate said...

Thanks my good friends. Joel I'm not sure Nat has a blind grandma?

Cap'n said...

Old and senile, maybe. But, definitely not blind. Thanks Nate. And yes Joel, I can justify you're retarded!