Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Class Devo-History of the Welseyan Church

What lessons can we learn from our history as Wesleyans that will help us make Godly choices in the future? The lesson I have learned from Wesley is to minister to the people on the fringes, the people on the outskirts. Maldwyn Edwards says of Wesley "His life was one long crusade in the cause of the poor, and he encouraged others to follow his example. "Wesley had a passion for the poor. He knew that he needed a place for the poor to come to, a place that would also serve as his headquarters. This place was The Foundry.
Wesley bought an old building and remodeled it with 1,500-seat chapel among other things. He had benches put in instead of pews, because in the eighteenth century people would "“buy"” their pews. Everyone was equal at the Foundry.
Wesley had a vision, to preach the gospel to people on the outside. I think Wesley would want us to share in his vision of dreaming up new ways to love people. Commit those dreams to God and don't give up. No mater what you face. Keep God first this summer and always and find new ways to love the people that might not normally be loved.

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Martin LaBar said...

I don't know about other Wesleyans, but I'm not good at helping the poor.

(p. s. you might want to check your spelling)