Friday, April 28, 2006


It's about that time, time for a few of my friends to get to a park. We really aren't sure what park. Some say Anderson while others say Atlanta. I'm talking about the Global Night Commute for the Invisible Children. I saw the film about a month ago and afterwards they told us that Oprah's producers were going to do a show on it. Well that happened Wednesday. Along with George Clooney unveiling his new video that he shot with his dad in Darfur which is in the SW part of the Sudan. The Invisible Children guys only spoke for a few min. but to get the word out on Oprah is huge! It seems like this weekend is Africa weekend. The GNC that is going on all over the country, Clooney talked about a march that is happening in New York, San Francisco and Washington. We have a guy that is from the Sudan here at school and we had a party for him last night.

I guess it's one of those things that when you start to keep your eyes open you see it. Like when you find a car you want to buy, all the sudden it seems like everyone drives that car. When you are aware of something, you start noticing it more in your world. Y'know how some people don't think God is involved with the world today? I guess they think that just because they don't see miracle that go on everyday, than they aren't really going on. Well regardless if you believe they are happening or not, they are. Even things we take for granted, like the blooming of a flower. I know there are laws of nature that tell a flower when to bloom, but that law had to come from somewhere. I'm inclined to believe that God set it in motion and is still involved in the world. Just because we don't see what He is up to, doesn't mean that He is up to nothing. Pray for these events that are going on this weekend. That attention will be brought and the ball will start rolling in bringing peace to these people.

In unimportant news, the NFL draft is this weekend, GO A.J. Hawk! And today is that last day of Board shorts week. So people can stop asking me if I wore these shorts yesterday or the day before, because I did.

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