Sunday, June 18, 2006

Toilets, Baptism, and Wrecks

This week has been pretty full on. It seemed like stuff at church just kept piling up. I would get asked to work on this and then this would come up and take up all my time. I was at church one time this week from 2:30 till 9:00ish. (pretty much)
We have our yearly baptism next Sunday and that falls under Pastor Dale's area, so I helped him get the area ready. Dad and I were going to get a tarp to set the pool on. It was a beautiful afternoon, Dad and I in the Buick, A/C on and NPR ranting on about Global Warming. I was at a red light and got the arrow to turn left. I pulled out rather slow and mellow, just enjoying life. I look to my left and a guy on a motor cycle was screaming towards me, wobbling back and forth. Dad yells "GO!" (Good thing we have a Buick) I hit the gas and keep going through the intersection. The guy cliped my back bumper with some part of his machine. I pulled over and the guy kept going. NPR continuesed to play and I was just sitting there, thinking that wasn't so bad. Dad said lets go, that's a hit and run! So as fast as I could, which without running into someone myself wasn't very fast. We went down the road, but he was long gone.

Afterwards, we continued to work on the baptism. Then skit practice for VBS this week oh what a week that will be. The next day or so, I was working on some bookstore stuff and had to use the restroom. I like to go in private when I know I might be a little bit. So I went to a main one, which during the day is pretty mellow. Well the toilet pretty much broke. It got plugged up and flooded. I tried to plumb it, but it got worse. So Dad and I had to clean the bathroom. So I learned about Hit and Runs, how to set up pools for baptisms, and how to fix toilets. It was a good week. I probably wont update this week because of VBS so have a great week and meet ten new people! (adidas +10)

Don't forget the US team plays Thursday at 9:22 and we need a W. We also want Italy to win their game vs. the Czech. Lets go Team!

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