Thursday, June 22, 2006


So one last go at VBS tonight. We have to do our little skit three more times and then we are done! There is a carnival tomorrow and I hope that we don't have to dress up for that because it'll be hot. This week has been full of inside jokes and lots of laughs. Speaking of laughs, Thadd and I saw Jack Black's new movie "Nacho Libre". It was ok, I liked it the more I replayed it in my head. Maybe wait until DVD or the dollar theater. It has already made over 25 million, so it's not hurting for people to see it. It was a great time with Thadd. We saw it down at the Area and then walked over to the North Market for some lunch and ice cream from Jeni's. If you are ever in Columbus, you have to check her out. Anyway, just wanted to say hey. Hope everyone is going well. Oh yeah head over to Don Miller's site. He's having a summer sale of his book "Through painted Deserts" which would be a great summer read. It's only $10.00. I ordered mine this morning. Have a good rest of the week!

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