Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Home again home again

Well I'm back in the beautiful city Columbus. ATL was great, G-Force now owns it. Anytime we are able to long board in a city, we say we own it and boy do we. We cruised up Peachtree St from the Olympic park to some CVS just inside Midtown. It was a hot night and a Sunday night so the streets weren't crowded. It's good to be back in Columbus though, where we have the great Ohio State University,Tommy's Pizza and Wendy's. I won't say what company it was but I got to test some new products today. I went back the white circular hallway to a white cubicle with a window that opened up and the product came out on a tray and the hand went back in and shut the window. I kept laughing at my self and that took up some time. I had to answer some questions and I kept studding the product before I gave my answer. I was asked to hurry along because there was more to be done. It was an easy 20 bucks.

Anyway, is anyone having any crazy thoughts? Like why God made colors, or why we don't all recycle? Or anything? I was just thinking about something the other day. Why don't I cry when I sin? I'll spend some time in the bible, try to learn something, pray about something through out the day, then I'll realize I've done something that I shouldn't have. I just think I know that I hurt God by doing that and if I say he's the most important thing to me, why don't I cry because of what I did? I wish that I did. Not so much while I'm in line at the store but in my private time with God. Maybe it's one of those things you fake for a while and then it starts to become real? But that sounds pretty wrong. I wonder what the solution is? Hope you all finish your week strong. I should have some new photos up soon on the Flickr site. Check soon.



Jon Dodrill said...
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Jon Dodrill said...

Is ATL Atlanta?

Dustin Wilson said...

Nate could you do me a favor. I want to see the Hillsong United guys pedal boards again would you send them to me through email. Thanks Man. Hope your summer is going well. Later dude

Cap'n said...

What's up with the product testing?