Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Music?

Coinstar now offers gift cards for different items and there is no %8 fee. So I took my jar of coins to Giant Eagle and cashed in. I got a $20.44 credit. Now I need your help in using that credit. What do y'all suggest? Any new music, cool good music. Maybe some unknown guys?

In other news, our mail lady is the coolest person today. She delivered a new book that I ordered on Sunday. "Hope in the Dark. A photographic Journey into the Humanity of Africa" The photography is done by Jeremy Cowart who is a freelance guy from Nashvegas. I didn't really think anything about him being from Nashville but he's pretty big. Ever seen a photo shoot of Imogen Heap? and many others. Be sure to check him out.


Brett said...

here's a few suggestions, you've prob. already heard of them...but just in case...Cary Brothers, Kate Havnevik, Chris Pierce, Gabriel Mann, Reeve Carney, Holly Brook, Lynden, Sarin, Sam and Ruby...just a few ppl i've found on myspace!! hope you're doing well.

Dustin Wilson said...

I just recently bought one of the snow patrol's cds and it is really good. I don't know if you have heard of them or have their stuff or not but you should check them out.

Oh Yeah Could you email me the pictures of the Hillsong guitar's effects board?

Brett said...

yeah...i second dustin's suggestion...snow patrol is amazing...also the new keane cd is really great!

Cap'n said...

My newest are Mogwai and India Arie. If you're really looking for something different, check out Mark Saul Band (Benj got me hooked).