Friday, July 28, 2006

My Lunch

Toasted bread, Schuman's chopped sirloin, cheese, eeg, A1, mayonnaise and last but not least LAWRY'S! What a great lunch. the original sandwich can be found at Ted's Montana Grill. Although I must say my version is pretty dang good.

Last night I saw a great movie. "Little Miss Sunshine" It opens today and it is rated "R" so take head. They use some pretty colorful langue. Sufjan Stevens is on the sound track among some other good tunes. So with most of my iTunes credit that I wrote about yesterday, I got the sound track. LMS is a dark comedy so also be warned, it's ok to laugh when they talk about why uncle Frank has to stay with the family. I don't want to give you any ideas about the plot, it's way more fun to go into a movie not knowing anything about the story. Certain movies are good like that. You can trust some of the actors or the director and you just enjoy hearing a story for the first time. Did you really need to see a trailer for Pirates to figure out if you were going to see it? Also be sure to also ckeck out "Lady in the Water". Just remember that it is a fairytail. Keep that in mind and enjoy the story.

Big things going on this weekend, got a little shindig at the house tonight, should be fun. We got a keg of root beer! We are pretty stoked to try it. The George's like their root beer We found it at the World Market so we'll see how it messures up. One last thing, you need to download the free single this week at iTunes. Fink, really good. I also about his EP with my credit. $6.58 left and more songs?


mandy said...

My soundtrack for the summer has included the following artists: Ryan Adams, Patty Griffin, Griffin House, and Alexi Murdoch. All are kind of folksy, but I love it. You might consider checking them out. By the way, I downloaded the free itunes song, and I love it! Hope you're doing well!

mandy said...

Oh yeah, and you could check out my friend Greg. He's quite amazing and very folksy! Two of his cds are in itunes. Just search for Gregory Alan Isakov.

mandy said...


With $2, I would definitely buy Greg's songs "Black and Blue" and "Freeway Searching." If you don't think you like those, try "Garden" or "Black Hills." Shoot, they're all good.

Pretty much what you should do is go downtown with a tin can, and try to collect more change, and then buy all of his stuff. He's absolutely my favorite musician friend.

You need to come to Boulder to hear him live. Amazing.