Monday, August 14, 2006

Chicago: Monday

Lyle and I woke up early Monday morning, around 5:15 to go to the airport. Lyle dropped me off and I was off to the plane. I said hello to the girls next to me and tried not to be rude but I didn't want to talk. Between the in flight magazine and my iPod I said a few words. (it was not rude to use the iPod in this case, they had theirs out too) Knowing that I had about 8 hours before Lyle's plane landed, I tried to take my time. I ate some food, fell asleep reading in the food court and praying/sleeping in the airport chapel. After my naps I bought a ticket for the "El" and went into the city on the Orange line. Lyle and I finally meet up and went to our hostel.

We walked around looking for the place we would call home, dreaming of the adventures we would have and the people we would meet. When we finally arrived and to our dismay it wasn't the palace we had envisioned. We checked in and decided to get back on the train and find some food in the heart of the city. Thanks to many of you who posted places we should go, we ate at Giordano's pizza. It was a long wait so we put our names in and went to Mich. Ave. We caught some water droplets and look at some stores. We had a great time eating our deep dish pizza and talking about the city. We then walked around more and made our way to Oak St. Beach. We chilled on the beach with the city lights to our backs and the Great Lake Michigan crashing right before us. In honor of Sufjan Stevens we threw in the ear buds and listened to "To Be Alone with You" and "Chicago". We were pretty worn out from all the walking and were not sure when the trains stopped so we headed back. On the train I met a girl named Hillary and she pretty much planned the next day for us. And that is where I leave you, on this Monday night thinking about last Monday night. Enjoy

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