Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chicago: Tuesday

We woke up around 10:30 from a hot night's sleep. The fan minus one blade spun but barely helped. We had our windows open but the curtains were pinned shut. Our room mates were still sleeping. They had come in late the night before hopefully drunk because they were loud and annoying. If they weren't a little drunk than they were really rude guys. Lyle and I put on some swimming trunks because we had to swim in Lake Michigan. We walked a few blocks down to be blocked by construction. We walked around that by jumping on large rocks in the water. Than those ran out. We finally made it to the water and waded in. It was so cold! My legs were numb. Lyle must think he is a navy seal or something because he always gets in cold water really fast, us George's take out sweet time. Oh yeah we didn't bring towels on this trip. So we "air" dried, which was pretty cold. We changed and considered the swim our shower for the day. We changed into some dry clothes and walked around our area. We were on the hunt for Devon Ave. After an hour or so we found it and left. Maybe if it didn't take us so long to find it we could have enjoyed it. Through out the trip we had to ask on average about three people for directions to the same place. No one knew how to get anywhere.

We jumped on the train and headed down to the museum. We checked our bag and were off to see some of the most famous paintings ever. We saw Picasso, Van Gogh, some other really cool guys that I can't remember. "Sunday afternoon in the park"(not sure if that the real name.) I have loved that painting since like JR. High. To see the real paintings was amazing. To see a real Jackson Pollock and to think what he might have been thinking. My favorite thing at the Art museum was the Harry Callahan exhibit. He was a photographer from the Midwest and took pictures of people, buildings and nature. He was a very creative artist, always wanting to try new things and throwing rules to the wind. He heard Ansel Adams give a seminar and then went out and pretty much did the opposite of what he had just heard. He just kept shooting. He had a lot of pictures of his wife. I thought that was cool that she would pose for him (nude).

We walked around a little bit more and found H&M! What a store. We also saw "The Dog whisper" in front of the Nike Store. I made eye contact and was like "Lyle I just saw Cesar!" He didn't seem to care. We then headed out on the Blue line to Damen. That's where Wicker park is. The park it's self was pretty lame, but I loved the area. It had some sweet restaurants, one of which we ate at. A Mediterranean place called "sultans". It was good and it was really good when we saw that they had Ting! We met Zack that night on the train ride back into the city. Zack is from Ohio and had just moved up to Chicago. We talked the whole ride back. Pretty cool guy.

Lyle and I tried to make our way to the John Hancock building for a night cap. Due to certain age restrictions we had to leave. We made due at the bottom of the building with the Cheese Cake Factory. Finally after more walking and people telling us the wrong way, back to the Red Line it was and back to the Hostel. Tuesday was a great day!
How was your Tuesday today?

One last thing, Thadd has his first show at The Mustard Seed Cafe in West Jeff. Wed. Night @ 7:00! Be there or your a square!


Cap'n said...

So, you're considering being a nude photographer? AWESOME!!! haha...maybe it should be the other way around - the photographer should be nude and take pictures of clothed people?

Ting = good memories

Cap'n said...

Tell Thadd good luck. Benj has two weddings next weekend - playing bagpipes in both!

Cap'n said...

P.S. This has nothing to do with your blog, but I know you're always looking for some new music. I've got two for you that I think fall within your listening styles - Raul Midon (imagine Jack Johnson meets Carlos Santana and add in a little international flavor) and Vienna Teng (chick with real good sound and awesome vocals). Let me know what you think!