Monday, August 21, 2006

Chicago: Wednesday

Lyle and I woke up around 9:00 on Wednesday to check out of the hostel by 9:30. We could have opted to pay 5 more bucks and check out at 11:00 but our plan was to check out and take our stuff to the airport and then head back into the city. So we showered for the first time and due to our lack of a towel I took my pillow case to the bathroom and Lyle took his whole bed sheet. They were going to go into the washer and drier in about an hour anyway. We checked out and got some money back from a deposit and then headed for Midway. The ride to Midway took around 45 min due to problems fixing the track or something. We eventually got to the air port only to find that sense 9/11 they don't allow you to store luggage there before your flight. Lyle only had a book bag but I had a small suitcase and a book bag. So the rest of the day I had to carry all my stuff around Chicago. It wasn't as bad as it first sounded, my stuff was pretty light.

We walked around seeing a store that we wanted to check out. In there we thought we would try to find a legendary hot dog place. So we asked a sales clerk and she told us to head to Grant Park. We started our trek to get some food and find Grant Park. We walked forever and then only to find that when my traveling partner doesn't get food after a certain time, he doesn't function correctly. He gets really unpleasant. So we headed back to a pizza place we passed and dove into another one of Chicago's greatest things. We then took the bus to Navy Pier, which in my personal opinion is a waste of time. We did ride the fairs wheel and that was cool but other wise it was just too touristy. We then hit up a few more stores and by that time it was time to start heading back to the airport.

We got some hot dogs there at the airport and stood in line at the gate for awhile. On the flight home Lyle and I thought of funny skit ideas that we could send to SNL. Pretty much we were to afraid to do them ourselves so we figured a skit would be safe and still funny. It would be one where Will Farrell comes back to host. Look for it, airplane skits with Will Farrell. Anyway I'm back at school. Sorry for making you wait for a lame ending to a great trip.

How did your summers end?

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