Monday, August 28, 2006


It has been over a week sense I last saw anything from Ohio other than a few cars. I am back at school down in the south. Things are going well so far. I am looking forward to all of my classes except one. The weekend produced some good times down here. Friday we hit up Greenville with some newbs (new people). Showed them the tea bar and the bridge. As we walked along the lines that divide nature from the progresses of urban development we found a new set of art galleries. The galleries themselves were small but filled with paintings and photographs. As we got closer I noticed that everyone seemed to be dressed nice and had a big glass of wine in their hand. Due to the limited space a lot of people were standing outside talking and for some reason staring at us. We were not dressed amazing but neither were we dressed poorly. No one had shorts on or a ball cap. I even had my camera back on my back. (I suppose that says touristy more than anything else) But I know my way somewhat around art galleries like this. After all according to a resent poll, Columbus is the ninth best place for art in the country. So I was confident in being there.

But as we walked from window to window we gathered more looks and whispers. I'm not so prideful that I believe they were talking about me and my gain but never the less I did feel as though we were being looked down upon. I could feel cold eyes being laid on me. We finally found a gallery that we wanted to go into and really look at. The pictures were cool but not cool enough for people around them to be sticking their nose up at someone. Coming from the gallery Hop of Columbus where all walks of life are welcome, this place was very foreign. We left and continued our journey.

I suppose I share this story with you in order to encourage you to never think more highly of your self than you should. No one person is better than the other. Being rude to people is a real jerk thing to do. You don't know where someone might be coming from or what their day was like that would make them act a certain way. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt and love regardless of clothes, hair style, friends and character. Be Jesus to them and allow his kindness and love to bring them to repentance and shape their character.


Cap'n said...

So what class are you not pumped about?

P.S. Jesus would return his friends messages ;)

Joel said...

One more reason Ohio is God's country! God bless the buckeyes, God bless coach T