Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Few things before we dive in today. John Mayer's new album dropped yesterday. Really good, really mellow so don't expect a lot of craziness. There is however a Jimmy Hendrix cover "Bold As Love" that does get a little crazy. Very good track. Solid album over all. The new iTunes store it up and it's nuts. And iTunes 7 is sweet. Alright now the good stuff.

Our student body president stopped me the other day and asked if I would do an interview with a paper about the political environment here at SWU. I was like welp, I'll give it a go. I was very honored and humbled.
So I called the guy today and he called me back and we chatted for about 15 min. It was a pretty cool experience. It all happened so fast and I don't really remember what all I said. Jon, the journalist didn't say anything like "What do you mean by that?" Or "say that again?" I suppose that's good. When ever it comes out I will be sure to let you all know. In the mean time it did get me thinking about a varied of different topics. Such as: how on earth are you supposed to gage a campuses political environment when you keep to only like minded people? This made me think that I need to be more intentional with people in coversation. Not just to find out who they side with come November but to get an idea as to where they are on their spiritual journey. Through out that journey, your ideas and belief's shift and hopefully become more sound and firmer. And hopefully more Christlike, after all that is the goal. To be able to play a roll in that journey is and point someone towards Christ is the job of that I want to play.

In our evangelism class we talk about what holds people back from sharing their faith and one the most often given response is that people don't feel like they know enough. It is amazing to see when you just start talking, the Spirit really does guide you in the conversation. If you fill your heart with God's word and the things of God, than that will come out of your mouth. I hope that Jon heard that today. That the reason we here at SWU do anything is because God asked us to and because we love Him we will obey.

What crazy things are happening in your life these days?


Cap'n said...

This actually has nothing to do with your blog, but thought it might give you something to blog about...

ChelseaDANGERfoley said...

Nate! I may be in love with John Mayers new album. I couldn't get it until last weekend and have listened to it non-stop. I love how it's an album that really grows on you!

Love you!