Sunday, September 17, 2006


LRA leader could be out in the open. From BBC news.( Be sure to check this out. The whole story is there and gives a lot of good info. So rather than reiterate most of what they have already said I want to talk about Joseph Kony. He is the leader of the LRA and one of the most wanted men in the World. I don't know, that sounds pretty huge to me. So what Kony is asking is that if they do this peace thing ( I know I said I wouldn't repeat what they said on BBC but this is just a snippet, for context) he gets amnesty from all the allegations.

Ok so what would you do. You can grant this man amnesty and he will "go away" and disarm his LRA and in theory the problem of children soldiers is over. But what does he lose? Maybe he has to live in cave forever, or somewhere in the bush. Well it appears that he has been hiding out somewhere anyway. But when does justice come in? The "reap what you sow" factor? I know that God is the ultimate judge and when he stands before God he'll have to say something. But isn't there a price to pay now? What do you think? Should Kony get amnesty and in turn the people of Uganda get peace? Or should the UN try to capture him and force him to face a court and let justice take its course?

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