Sunday, September 24, 2006

Here Fido, here boy!

Well I have held off for as long as I could and now it is time to revile my activity. Right now I am in downtown Nashville writing this from a sweet coffee shop called “Fido” with my great friend Joel. The reason for being in Nashville: Everyday Sunday is having a photo shoot for their new album that is due out later this year. The guy doing the shoot is Jeremy Cowart and he is ridiculous! This guy has done some huge stuff. Have you seen any pictures or posters for the show “Prison Break”? Yeah he did those, among many other artists such as: Sting, Imogan Heap, Jars of Clay, and gobs of others! He also did a sweet book called “Hope in the Dark" with the people of Blood Water Mission. Be sure to check him out and the great people of BWM.

Let me tell you about Fido’s. It is located on the Vanderbelt university campus, or a block up from it. So there are a lot of college age and post college age kids. This is kind of the trendy place of town it seems. A good walk up from the Gaylord area and all the stuff that goes along with that area, this part is a little less glits and glamar than the strip. Every one here seems to have “cool” clothes and hair style’s. But it is really cold in here and pretty cold outside. The atmosphere is here is nice, they are playing some kind of smooth music that has an Indian vibe. There are some guys in there that are laughing at some thing and getting pretty loud. But I guess that is what life is all about, laughing really loud with your friends. Anyway, things else where are good right now. Classes are good, friends are good, Apt life is good. Welp I’m gonna jam, I’ll try to update as soon as I can about my trip. Have a great weekend and educate yourselves this week about your dreams!

Ok real quick, so I’m pretty sure the bathroom here is a oner and a guy pretty much just followed me in and used the stall. It didn’t so much bother me, more just caught me off guard. Who does that? There was a lock on the door and everything. I guess he couldn’t wait.


Brett said...

maybe he thought you were cute

Joel said...

thanks for coming dude....even if i wasn't the sole reason for the trip!