Saturday, September 30, 2006

The week

Nashville taught me a few things. You need to know people and you need to have a product to back your self up. As far photography lessons. It is all about lighting. Jeremy had just a three piece set up and what he did with it made the shoot. Being able to manipulate the light and have it work for you is the key. He also has a great eye and that goes a very long way. The day was pretty sweet. We got to the label on time and then found out that they changed to time from 11:00 to 12:00. So we kind of just bummed around the label' office. Trey gave me CD of these new guys. Leeland. Check this guys out, very good stuff.

We finally left and went to meet Jeremy and his crew at his house which was amazing! He has that chalk board paint and that was really cool and just the lay out was sweet. In the house were these kids that looked like some band but they turned out to be his assistants. They were pretty cool guys. I checked out a few their sites and they are really talented guys.

We got to the location and set up and the guys changed and we started to shoot. Over all a great time but nothing really crazy happened. A very profitable time and great to meet one of my fav. Photographers and spend time with all my old friends.

In other news The SWU Worriers Mens Soccer Team is now 8-2 win a big win on Thursday and OSU is still #1 in the nation! Have a wonderful week!

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