Monday, October 02, 2006

It has begun

Last night Thomas started a war with Lyle. Thomas tried to pure water on Lyle's head two times. The second time, Lyle threw water on Thomas. In retaliation, Thomas poured water on Lyle's bed. Then some lotion was squirted on someone, then on me by Lyle. I then snuck around the refrigerator and shot Lyle hard with some water in the face.

Tonight Thomas sprayed Lyle with Febreze, so to get him back, Lyle dumped his trash can on Thomas' bed. Lyle's trash can was only 1/3 full while Thomas' was over the top full. Thomas took his trash and threw it on Lyle's floor. Who know when this war will end and who will come out on top.
-From the front lines of Apartment R


ChelseaDANGERfoley said...

Aghhh the Shenanigans of Apartment R! I miss you kids. Wish i could be there to join in on the war!

third-bird said...

stay safe out there.
sometimes the enemys dont
Like reporters!!!
love ya

Cap'n said...

That's Thomas George is one sexy motha!

Brett said...

i hesitate to ask this because of the war zone and everything...but i wonder if i could crash in your apt again when we come down in a few weeks. it would be thurs night and fri night (oct 19-20)...just let me know.