Monday, December 25, 2006

Chirstmas & Orlando!

What an amazing Christmas break so far! I spent the first few days at home with the fam. It was great. Then I headed up to NY to visit my lovely girlfriend. She showed me around the town and it was amazing. The first night we made dinner and went to an independent film festival and then hit up a sweet coffee shop with a few of her friends. Later in the week we went to the George Eastman House. Eastman was the guy that made Kodak. You can see his house which has an art gallery attached to it. Kate is so good to me, she knew that I wanted to see all that stuff. She even took me to Lake Ontario! It was supper cold but really fun! I had an amazing time with her, seeing where she lived and meeting her family.

Today we had christmas at home with just our fam. It was pretty different. Our "big" present is a trip to Orlando so we didn't really get anything which is fine, it was just weird. You always wonder what it would be like to skip the presents part but never think you'd really do it. We pretty much did today and it was fine. I must confess that last night as I realized that that is what was happening I was a little nervous . But it was great! We had a great devotion at lunch and then later went to a nursing home to say hey to some lady. Dad made Thadd bring his guitar and we sang some carols. Thadd walked away saying how good he felt and I couldn't have agreed more. I heard today that Dwayne Wade didn't do the present thing today at all. He said his family has all they need so they just bought stuff for other families and gave money away. It was humbling to hearing that he did that. As far as i know he's not a christian, maybe he is I have no idea but if he can do that why can't I?

Anyway the original meaning of this post...Anyone know of some cool things to see and do in Orlando?

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