Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Face

Well it has been a month so I figured it was time to revel my new partner. This girl is incredible, she makes me laugh more than anyone else, and she is kind and makes everyone around her feel like a million bucks. The lady and I have a knack for attracting characters and sometimes people are hard to deal with, but she treats them so well and with such grace. I think that is why we attract them. Anyway, just thought I would introduce her to ya'll.

Christmas break is a week away! Oh to be in the promise land. Today my friend said, "I just want to go home." I hear ya dude. Look for a bunch of stuff in the coming weeks on the flickr site. Thomas has showed me how fun it is to shoot water from our sinks, look for those.

Let see what else, oh we busted out the synth in chapel the other day. The sound was pretty screwy but it was sweet. Seeing a synth and a Mac on stage, SWU is going to get blown away next semester! I hope you have all had chance to see "stranger than fiction" great movie. Anyway... what are you all up to?



Joel said...

"partner"? does that mean your doing it?

nate said...

you're retarded and no