Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blog 07

It is raining out right now and 30 degrees, if the weather changes at all it'll be sleet, but most likely not snow. That is just the kind of winter it has thus far. Hopes and dreams of a white Christmas for my future children are going the way of the buffalo. Now stories of my parents’ memories will become my snow memories. I do remember a few times growing up with snow. School was called off and Thomas and I would climb up the mound of snow that the local fire station had piled for their trucks. Or if we were at grandma's we would try and brave the traffic to get to the local hill which was always to crowded and not really very fun. I do remember a blizzard a few years ago on Valentines Day. I had come home early and played in the snow until my family met me at home. Then I had to house sit in the city and was snowed in for a few days. What memories will I gain this year?


Cap'n said...

Didn't you ever go sledding out at Kyle's? Now, that was a hill...for Ohio's standards.

Cap'n said...

P.S. I've finally updated my blog, but you'd have to be on myspace to read it. so sorry :(