Monday, July 23, 2007

Flickr Help!

Well I was posting San Francisco photos and I ran into a problem that I knew I would one day face, I ran out of room on my free account! I reached my 200 photo limit. So I am forced to get rid of some old ones to make room for some new ones. Yes I could bite the bullet and pay the $25.00 a year and go pro but at this time I'm not able to do that. Unless you would like to make a donnation?! Just kidding but if you did want to, that would be rad! So keep your eyes open as I start adding and taking away. I also have a few new Lake Tahoe photos so be sure to check those out.
This is my last full week in Sacramento. I hope to get some shots of downtown before I get out of here. Hope you all have a good week, take care.

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