Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I love this city!

Where else do you see a sign like this? Of course I was 5 blocks south of The Ohio State University's campus. People are gearing up for the football season, the new clothing line is out including the new "DOT THE I" Nike shirt. Such an exciting place to live. I will miss leaving the Promise Land once again. But as I begin what hopes to be my last semester in the South, who knows where God will lead me. But nothing will ever be like O' Columbus Town.
As the summer starts to fade, what were some highs of your summer? Your favorite meal, movie, trip, album, date? Whatever?

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Brett said...

I guess the high of my summer is yet to come...but as of now...graduating college was definitely a high point! Also spending some time at the beach with Jes and her family was a blast! I didn't get to see a ton of movies this summer, but I really like the Bourne Ultimatum! It's definitely been a BIG summer for me...a lot of huge life changes, but it's been amazing!