Thursday, August 30, 2007


An amazing thing has happened. A few posts ago, I jokingly said it would be really cool if someone would buy me a pro account on Flickr. Well my good friend Brett, who is getting married this weekend, BOUGHT me a Pro Account! How crazy is that?! Thanks so much Brett, I hope that the photographs on the site will make you proud. Brett is like my patron. So in light of this news, be sure to check the Flickr site often.
In other news, Katie my amazing girlfriend surprised me last Sunday night with Soulive tickets! The show was in Asheville, NC and was amazing. Asheville is a crazy town, full of mountain hippies that dance crazy, have real dreads and sell balloons on the streets. Yeah not sure what gas might have been in those things, we passed on the gas. So be sure to look for some photos of that night. Thanks again Brett, see you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! that was very nice of Brett to do that for you. did you get to go to his wedding? Dad