Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here's one for ya

I'm sitting in Java City watching UNC and Duke play. 52 seconds left, UNC 78 Duke 85 down to the wire. For those of you that were asking for an update. Here is a quick one. I'm now a youth pastor. Pretty crazy! I'm living in a small house that feels like a mountain get away. Every time my brother comes over he tells me that he feels like he is on vacation. Things are going pretty good over all. It shouldn't but it has blown me away to look back and see God's hand through out the last 6 months. In July I was working in Sacramento, then trying to finish school and now I'm in the "real" world. I'm only about 20 mins from SWU so that has been nice. I'm still taking pictures here and there. So be sure to check out the flickr site.

This is the month of love and in youth group we are learning about how to love the people that are all around us. We talked about how to love our brothers and or sisters today and how to stand up for them. Quick story. When my younger brother and I were in the city pool. I was 4 and he was 2. This bully was slashing me and I kept asking him in my polite way to stop. Of course he didn't and of course I just took it. As the story goes, my little bro rises up out of the water, hurling insults and threats in his broken english gibber and takes the kid out! Thanks bro, I owe ya.

Have a good one

Duke won

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codythomas said...

Well I was in Stu-Be watching the game. Sad day.

I'm stoked you're having fun in Pickens! I had my doubts when I first heard that you were going to be a youth pastor at a small, country church. It just didn't seem to fit you. But it goes to show that God will move through us no matter where we go!

We need to hang out soon! I'm just living a few minutes from you in Liberty...and I'm still jobless. So I have lots of spare time. Give me a call sometime!