Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Tunes, Views & Reads

Jack Johnson: "Sleeping Through the Static"
White Stripes: "Icky Thump"

"Across The Universe"
"Karate Kid"

"First Two Years in Youth Ministry" - Duffy Robinson and Doug Fields
Some other great book with a guy long boarding on the cover. Really good.
The Book of John

What you listening to, watching and reading?

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Brett said...

Music - Sara Bareilles: "Little Voice", Colbie Caillat: "Coco"

Movies - "Once", "Evan Almighty"

TV - LOST (We got the first season on DVD for Christmas...since then we have watched Seasons 1-3 and are caught up to the new episodes!...We are addicts!)

Books - I haven't read a book since graduating! It's sad...I know. We did get a cool book for Christmas, "The Book of General Ignorance"...I read it in the bathroom...does that count?

Hope you're doing well...we should catch up sometime.