Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Do you think we should hide the Easter Eggs in the grave yard?"

I told Gavin that I was pretty sure the lady didn't want us to hide the eggs for the little kids in the grave yard. But he asked just to make sure. Easter Egg hunts, what a joy. To see little kids run around picking up bright colored eggs off the ground, filling their baskets to the brim. I did see one kid, no kidding tip over this other kid's basket and then start picking up the eggs and putting them into his own basket! He was a little to old for the hunt though.

Easter Weekend Plans:
Good Friday - Photo shoot for a guy at church, we'll see how that turns out. Spent the evening with the Greer boys.
Saturday - Easter Egg Hunt, Church at NewSpring with Charlie then dinner at 5 Guys and editing photos from shoot.
Easter Sunday - Narrating some choir thing for church then dinner at the Potter's.

Remember what this weekend is about. It's when God said enough is enough. I want you and if this is what has to be done then so be it. Remember

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