Friday, March 28, 2008

Random thoughts and Weekend Plans

Random thought from a crowded Wendy's:
This is horrible; In public I sometimes text people so that they will text me back and the people around me will see it. Isn't that horrible, I caought myself doing that today.
The Beligio apparently sells fanny packs in their gift shop. A lady at Wendy's had one on.
I wonder if other people from Pickens drive to Easley just for Wendy's like I did today?

Weekend Plans:
Katie has a soccer recruit in from OH. I'm sure this person will be super cool and maybe we'll show her downtown G-Ville.
I'm speaking at a youth retreat at Table Rock on Saturday night. I'm really stoked about this.I can remember dreaming about speaking at weekend things like this. It is a great honor to be asked to do this and I can't wait to see what happens. I'll be in front of some close friends, some strangers and a former professor of mine. Perhaps this will be the start of something great. I think that God has given me something to say to these kids so I hope that I convey God's message to them the best I can.

Also there are a few shots from a photo shoot that I did last week on the FLICKR site. Check them out and tell me which one you like the best. I hope the client likes them.....

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