Monday, March 31, 2008

"Weekend Update"

The weekend, it comes and goes so fast doesn't it?

Friday: Almost got a free dog. Hesitation kills me every time.
Met the new recruit from Dayton, OH. She was really cool just like I said. Katie and I and a few of our friends took her to get some ice cream at this cool place in Clemson. I tried to make a "bubble". It's this flavor that my mom had when she was little and when we would visit the town she grew up in she would get us one. But it just wasn't the same.

Saturday: Cleaned my house, mostly my bathroom. It feels so good to have a clean house.
I also spoke at the retreat Saturday night. It was a really neat experience. I talked about remembering what God has done for us and how that needs to renew our passion for what God is doing now. I had the kids write on a small piece of paper " I remember when God..." and then fill in the blank. I took a chance and asked the kids to read the cards. I didn't know if anyone would do it, then slowly the first girl started to read. "I remember when God saved me from depression after my dad died." I was blown away! Others started to read their cards and I about lost it. It was so raw and real. These kids telling about times when God totatly impacted their world. I got goose bumps and wanted to be done right then but I was only at the halfway point. It was a pretty amazing experience.

Sunday: Finally put some photos up on my walls. Had a good discussion about the importance of reading the Bible. Katie came over and she did some homework and I started reading "Oil!" by Upton Sinclair.


Dustin Wilson said...

Glad God used you to make a difference in the lives of the teens that came to that retreat. You are doing a great job!

Jon Dodrill said...

No worries about the dog, man. Janna and I almost fell into that trap too. Don't be fooled, having a dog is like having a kid. It takes soooooo much time and $$ me, everyone in my neighborhood has either a kid or a dog (and they're our age) and they always have to worry about it. Getting a dog means no more impromptu trips to ATL (or anywhere overnight), poop-free carpets, and sleeping in...tough life man.

Oh, and I'M glad you're making a difference in the lives of some teens :)