Thursday, September 08, 2005

Get Ready for the Weekend!

This Weekend is gonna be big! Looy and I are quickly approaching our first year together. To celebrate she bought Coldplay ticks for the show on Friday in Charlotte NC! She is the best! Thank you so much! Then on Saturday we head to Looy's place for her little brother's 7th birthday. It should be fun. Then on Sunday, I have been asked to speak at Looy's home church in Augusta GA.

A full review of the weekend will hopefully be posted on Monday! I would ask that anyone who reads this would pray for me on Sunday. I'm speaking at both services, and its like "big church", this isn't youth group but real people, with real jobs and lives and don't have time to read or have anything to do with Blogs. So im kinda a little nervous. Thanks.

Coldplay! Woohoo!


mandy said...

First of all, I'm so jealous of you getting to see Coldplay. I now live 30 minutes from Red Rocks, and, of course, this is the year they choose not to come. So sad. Tell Chris Martin I said hello. :) But I'm happy for you and Looy. Happy 1 year anniversary. What a great way to celebrate!

Thanks for the compliments on the photos. I'm trying to work on my photography skills. The people of Boulder seem to make great subjects. :) It took me forever to figure out why you asked me if I saw Soulive, and then I realized they were on the Boulder Theater sign in one of the photos. :) haha And no, I didn't see them . . . just happened to be taking pictures that day. I am going to see Bright Eyes there in a couple of months. Very excited about that!

Hope all is well with you! Glad you're healthy and back at school. Definitely prayed for you a lot when you were in the hospital! Take care!

looy said...

the show was awesome!!! i love doing stuff like that with you! Thanks for being fun, no matter what we are doing

Candice said...

Coldplay ROCKED MY FACE OFF! Especially after they sang my favorite song, Fix You, last. Good Times

Joel said...

hope the sermon went great....happy Aniversery to both of you.