Monday, September 12, 2005

The Weekend

Friday started off great. Looy and I went to Charlotte for the Coldplay show. But we first met up with my cousin and his new wife for some dinner. J wanted to take us to this bagel shop he saw on T.V. "Owens Bagels, Home of the steamed Bagel". J then gave us directions to the Verision ampatheater and we were off.

After a few wrong turns, a stop at a gas station to get dircetions for an African we arived just in time to hear the opening bands last song. I felt like I was in a music video, there were so many lights and people screaming. Then Coldplay took the stage. One amazing song right after another. It was an amazing show except for one thing. There were six huge pillars that held part of the theater up. Of course the best spot Looy and I could find, was right behind one of these pillars. Thank goodness for Chris Martin running around and not always playing the piano. Most of the show we couldn't see him though, but none the less it was a great show shared with a beautiful girl. Afterwards we traveled into downtown Charlotte for some Pita Pit! It was great. We got home around 2:45. Oh yeah we almost ran out of gas. Prayed our was into a Shell station and all was good.

We left the next morning at 10:00 for Augusta for a Bowling Birthday party. Looy did beat me, but I beat all the seven year olds to a pulp. One did give me some trouble but I pulled it out in the end. You aint got nothn' on me Tommy!

Then Sunday was the big day! I spoke at Looy's church, West Town Community Church. It went fine I suppose. I don't know how your supposed to measure that. If I was the regular pastor I would have them take a quiz two weeks after to see if they remembered. But I'm not so I didn't. They have two services and there are pastoral staff that are there for both. So at the beginning of the second service the assistant pastor was doing announcements or something about people in the Ukraine. And how they want English teachers, and how God loves them and then get this, goes into one of my points! Not just like the second point but the third one! The big one that brings them all together! I was sitting there thinking "What are you saying!? Do you know your giving my message away!"

Over all I didn't feel like Louie Giglio,I spoke for about 20 min. maybe. He usually speaks for 45 or an hour. But I do think a lot of people during these times need to be reminded that God does love them and desires a real relationship with them. I guess it's not really how long or "deep" that counts but conecting to the people. But God can use anything and I just pray that he'll continue to use what was said and draw people to himself!

until next time


looy said...

i was thinking hte same thing when he said your point!
you did a great job!

looy said...

you need to update honey :P

or not......